Immigrate to Canada from US


It is not uncommon for US citizens to immigrate to Canada given the fact that the two countries are neighbors. In most cases, those who immigrate to Canada from US obtain good job offers that are rewarding enough for them to relocate. However, there are various other reasons for which a US citizen can consider Canada for immigration.

Below, our immigration lawyers in Canada explain the steps associated with moving here from the US. If you are planning to move to Canada from the United States, our law firm is at your service no matter the province you are interested in.

Options for US citizens immigrating to Canada

Canada has some of the most popular permanent residence programs in the world, which is why it is no wonder that it attracts US citizens. The fastest way to immigrate to Canada from US is the Express Entry program which, as its name states, it provides an easy way to move to this country.

 Quick Facts
  Visa requirements for US nationals No, US nationals do not need a visa to enter Canada
Special conditions applicable (YES/NO) No, there are no special requirements to immigrate
to Canada from US
Relocation options  Student, work, employment visas, as well as special programs such as the Express Entry Stream
Temporary residence options Student and work permits can be obtained to move to Canada from US temporarily
Permanent residence requirements In order to relocate to Canada from US and become a permanent resident, one must live here for
3 continuous years
Access to investor/citizenship by investment visa YES, Canada has several options for entrepreneurs
Timeframe for obtaining a residence permit (approx.) Approx. 90 days
Family reunification visa availability (YES/NO) YES, it is possible to bring family members to Canada
Investment visa requirements Business creation is available in most Canadian provinces
Special permanent residence programs The Express Entry, The Atlantic Immigration Program, the Skilled Worker Scheme are just a few of the special programs to immigrate to Canada from US
Citizenship requirements Living in Canada from 3 years out of 5 of permanent residency
Possibility to acquire real estate (YES/NO) YES, US citizens can buy real estate in Canada
Canada-USA double tax treaty (YES/NO) YES, Canada and the USA have a double tax treaty
Immigration services (YES/NO) YES, we can help you immigrate to Canada from USA
Post-immigration support (YES/NO) YES, we offer support in renewing residence cards, applying for citizenship, etc.

Just like applicants from other countries, US citizens can be eligible for immigration to Canada provided that they meet the requirements of any of the following programs:

  1. the Federal Skilled Worker Scheme under which US citizens can obtain open work permits;
  2. the Canadian Experience Class which was created for foreign experienced workers;
  3. the Federal Skilled Trades Scheme which is available for experienced traders seeking to immigrate to Canada;
  4. the Provincial Nominee Programs which are enabled in almost all provinces in Canada.

As you can read here, there are several ways to relocate to Canada from the United States and if you need assistance in choosing a program or need information on the schemes above, you can direct your questions to our lawyers.

Having permanent residency in Canada undoubtedly has its benefits. However, there are certain aspects worth considering when it comes to moving to Canada. For example, choosing a program that is suitable to one’s case. Avoid having your application rejected by getting in touch with our immigration lawyer in Canada.

We can also guide you through the Canadian citizenship application procedure.

How to immigrate to Canada from US under the Federal Skilled Worker Scheme

As mentioned above, one of the fastest ways of immigration to Canada is the Federal Skilled Worker Scheme. This program is also open for US citizens who must meet certain eligibility criteria in order to be considered for permanent residency in Canada. Among these criteria, we mention the following:

  • applicants must have at least one year of work experience;
  • they must meet the language requirements (have knowledge of English or French);
  • they must score at least 67 points out of the 100 possible under the selection grid.

Considering that the language barrier is nearly inexistent those who want to immigrate to Canada from USA  will find it easier than in the case of citizens of other countries. However, as a US citizen, one can come across other requirements that can be explained by our Canada immigration law firm.

US citizens can also request our assistance in obtaining a residence permit in Canada.

How to immigrate to Canada from US under the Canadian Experience Class

Another program for US citizens who want to relocate to Canada is the Canadian Experience Class. The requirements for obtaining a residence permit under this scheme are similar to the Federal Skilled Worker Scheme, however, applicants must have experience in a skilled work position in Canada.

If you need assistance in moving to this country, our immigration lawyers in Canada are at your service with detailed information on how to prepare for a successful application.

How to emigrate from the US to Canada as an entrepreneur

Not only US citizens who want to work abroad can find opportunities in Canada, but entrepreneurs have plenty of choices too.  Some of the most popular choices for investors are the Quebec Investor Program and the Quebec Entrepreneur Program which are available for high net worth individuals seeking to move to Canada from the United States.

In order to qualify for this program, a US citizen must have experience in a managerial position that will help him or her administer a business.

The Start-Up Visa Investor Scheme is another option for those who want to immigrate to Canada and have their own businesses.

The Startup Visa is a program that the Canadian government offers to international business owners who have creative business ideas. The startup program will provide excellent prospects for US individuals attempting to immigrate to Canada from the USA and launch a business.

If you need assistance in enrolling in any of the programs mentioned above, our immigration lawyer in Canada is at your service with detailed information. We can also help you apply for a residence permit in Canada.

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Type of visas for US citizens moving to Canada

Canada has a wide variety of immigration programs available for citizens all around the world and even if its relations with the neighboring country is a strong one, US citizens must still obtain various visas if they are interested in long-term immigration here.

Among the visas under which US citizens can immigrate to Canada, we can mention the following:

  • the student visa;
  • the work visa;
  • the permanent residence permit;
  • the business immigrant visa;
  • the express entry visa.

No matter the type of visa one seeks to obtain when immigrating to Canada from the United States, it is important to note that it can also be obtained under specific programs.

Our Canada immigration law firm is at the service of US citizens who want to establish themselves here.

Provincial Nominee Schemes as a pathway to immigration to Canada

US citizens can apply for immigration to Canada under the Provincial Nominee Programs that are developed by the regional government in cooperation with the federal one.

Provincial nominee immigration is one of the most suitable options for those who want to immigrate from US to specific regions in Canada. These programs have several advantages, among which low financial requirements when it comes to business relocation. Also, employment options with Canadian companies represent a good option for those who want to relocate here from the United States.

Among the most popular such programs are developed in the following provinces:

  • Alberta,
  • Ontario,
  • Saskatchewan.

What should be noted about these programs is that they are suitable for highly skilled persons seeking to move to Canada through employment. Each program has its requirements, among which one of the most important refers to the experience of the qualified worker. Also, residence permits under these programs are granted based on invitations.

The procedure of moving from the United States to Canada through the Provincial Nominee Schemes usually implies:

  • careful verification of the selected program,
  • the search for a position within a company seeking to employ personnel,
  • enrolling for the desired program,
  • waiting for the invitation from the employer.

What should be considered under these programs is that once the approval for entering the program has been obtained, in certain cases it is also necessary for approval from the federal government.

Our immigration lawyer in Canada can offer more information on the procedure of relocating here from the USA under this program.

What should be considered is that these programs are subject to changes or replacements which is why it is best to verify if a scheme is in place at the respective moment. This is one of the main reasons to get in touch with specialists for updated information.

How to obtain Canadian permanent residence as US citizen

Moving to Canada determines many foreign citizens to apply for permanent residency thanks to the high-quality lifestyle.

US citizens can also obtain permanent residence permits, the Express Entry program being one of the most suitable choices in this sense. Compared to other states, Canada is seeking to attract as many persons as possible who are interested in moving here on a permanent basis, this is why it created this scheme.

Permanent residency is also possible through family reunification, as foreign citizens married to Canadian ones can move here based on spouse visas.

Students can also apply for permanent residence permits in Canada after they have lived here based on temporary visas. This is one of the best ways of immigrating to Canada permanently, as students can become part of the workforce and integrate with the regulations and standards employed by Canadian companies much faster.

Canada is one of the countries to offer multiple ways for permanent immigration and our lawyers are at the service of those who want to move here on an indefinite term.

Immigration services for US citizens

Persons who want to relocate to Canada from US can rely on the services provided by our lawyers and who can help them select a program and then follow the steps in order to relocate as soon as possible.

Our immigration lawyer in Canada will also instruct applicants on the tests they need to pass in order to become eligible for the visas they seek. Then, our specialist will assist in preparing the documents necessary for obtaining the residence permit.

Also, once arrived in Canada, we are the service of those who need guidance in registering with various authorities. We can also help those who meet the requirements to obtain citizenship and who want to apply for Canadian passports.

If your citizenship application is approved by more than one nation, you are said to have dual citizenship. Canada permits its residents to retain their Canadian citizenship while obtaining a new citizenship from another nation. They will have dual citizenship in this situation.

Why immigrate to Canada from US?

The USA and Canada are two of the most important economies in the world, however, the free healthcare and education systems favor Canada when it comes to choosing to move here. These are also very appealing attributes for US citizens to move to Canada.

When it comes to immigration, according to the Canada Statistics Office:

  • in 2019, 313,580 foreign citizens immigrated to Canada;
  • out them, nearly 78,000 were admitted as permanent residents through the Skilled Worker program;
  • another 68, 645 foreign citizens were admitted under the Provincial Nominee Program;
  • with respect to US citizens, the largest community is made of 78,371 persons who live in Toronto.