Immigrate to Quebec


Canada is one of the largest countries in the world by the surface and those who want to immigrate here have plenty of choices when it comes to cities, towns, or even quiet and remote locations. However, nothing compared to important cities that offer multiple business and employment opportunities. One of these cities is Quebec.

Those who want to migrate to Canada can safely choose Quebec as their destination. Below, our lawyers explain the main types of visas and procedures associated with obtaining them for those interested in Quebec immigration.

Immigration to Quebec – types of visas available

Citizens of all nationalities are welcome to move to Canada and those who are keen on Quebec immigration can consider the following types of visas:

  1. work visas which can be obtained by those who seek employment in Quebec;
  2. student visas for young persons interested in studying in universities in Quebec ;
  3. permanent residence visas for which specific requirements must be met for different categories of applicants;
  4. business immigrant visas that can be obtained by entrepreneurs who want to run their own companies in Quebec;
  5. express entry programs – specific requirements apply to those who want to immigrate to the province of Quebec.

Our immigration lawyer in Canada can offer detailed information on general visas that can be obtained when moving to Quebec. Also, if you are interested in Quebec immigration through one of the express entry visas, you can rely on our law firm.

The Express Entry system can assist you in learning which programs you might be qualified for as each one has its unique requirements. The scheme is developed across the entire country and is available for citizens all over the world. So, if you want to immigrate to Canada from USA, feel free to get in touch with our law firm for guidance.

Initiation of the immigration application for Quebec

The first step to take when deciding on Quebec immigration is to express the interest principle. This implies for an applicant to file an expression of interest that will be answered by the Ministry of Immigration with an invitation to file for a permanent selection request.

Those who already live in Quebec based on temporary residence permits can apply for permanent residency under the Quebec Experience Program. This is also available for foreign students living in this province.

If you are interested in moving to Quebec, you should know that immigration is based on a 7-step procedure that can be completed in a matter of a few months.

If you need information on how to choose a program under which you can move to Canada, our immigration lawyers can provide you with all the necessary details.

Many people who relocate opt to apply for citizenship in Canada. This happens as a result of the nation having among the best living circumstances for expats and one of the most advanced economies in the world. You can count on our local experts to lay out the requirements if you choose to enroll in this course.

Quebec immigration programs

There are several programs that can be used by foreign citizens who want to immigrate to Canada and choose Quebec. These correspond to the visas that can be obtained for various purposes.

The following programs are available for Quebec alone:

  • the Quebec Skilled Worker Program,
  • the Quebec Experience Program,
  • the Quebec Investor Program,
  • the Quebec Entrepreneur Program,
  • the Quebec Self-Employed Program.

It should be noted that most Canadian provinces have programs that are developed at local level for those targeting to relocate to specific areas of the country. These are not very different from the schemes created by the federal government, however, they are subject to a few particularities.

When having to make a decision about the program to enroll in, our Canada immigration law firm can be a loyal partner in offer guidance and assistance.

In order to obtain a residence permit in Canada, your selection depends upon the total points you score depending on your profile criteria, among which age, language abilities, education, work experience, and other considerations. You can discuss all these requirements in-depth with one our immigration lawyers in Canada.

Quebec immigration through the Skilled Workers Program

One of the most sought immigration programs in Quebec is the Skilled Workers Program (QSWP). Under this scheme, foreign citizens can move to Quebec provided that they have the necessary skills and qualifications sought by local companies.

There are various aspects to consider by those who want to immigrate to Canada based on this program. The first and most important one is for the applicants to want to move and live in Quebec. Then, they can enter the application procedure which is based on various requirements and a point-based system for the allocation of visas. The factors considered by the Quebec immigration authorities are education, work experience, language proficiency, age, financial resources, spouse, and age of the children. The authorities will also consider if the applicant has other family members living in Quebec.

Applicants must obtain at least 52 points out of the maximum of 59. These should also know that the official language in the province of Quebec is French.

Quebec immigration through the QSWP leads to permanent residence in Canada. With the help of our Canada-based immigration law firm, relocation to Quebec can be simplified.

Documents required for Quebec immigration through the SWP

In order to immigrate to Quebec, applicants must prepare a file with the following documents:

  • the application form;
  • the dependents declaration;
  • the background declaration;
  • the Intent to Reside in Quebec declaration;
  • travel information;
  • other supportive documents.

Our immigration attorneys in Canada can handle the submission of the forms with the Quebec Immigration Office on behalf of applicants. For this, we will need the use of a representative declaration.

The Quebec Experience Program

Apart from the Quebec Skilled Worker Program, which is so far the most accessed by foreign nationals, there is also the Quebec Experience Scheme under which permanent residence in Canada can be obtained.

Among the requirements of this program are:

  • the candidate must have worked previously in Quebec,
  • the French language is a mandatory requirement under this program,
  • the applicant must be legally living in Quebec at the time of the application.

With respect to the first requirement, both temporary foreign workers and foreign students can apply for Quebec immigration under this program.

Our immigration lawyer in Canada can offer tailored advice with respect to the requirements to be met under this program.

The Quebec Investor Program

As one of the most important provinces in Canada, Quebec welcomes foreign investors who want to set up operations in Canada. For them, the Investor Program is one of the best options as it entails having net assets with a minimum total value of 2 million CAD and the possibility to invest 1.2 million CAD in Quebec through a financial broker. This too is a pathway to permanent residence in Canada.

The eligibility criteria for this program can be explained by our immigration attorneys in Canada who can offer information on the documents to prepare in order to demonstrate the financial worthiness.

The Quebec Entrepreneur and Self-Employed programs

Those interested in relocating to Quebec and running small-scale businesses can successfully apply for the Entrepreneur or Self-Employed schemes.

Under the Quebec Entrepreneur Program, the candidate must meet several conditions, however, in terms of finances these imply lower amounts of money. This scheme refers to the creation of a new business or purchase of an existing one. The candidate must be able to prove managerial experience as he or she will be required to administer the company.

The applicant must make a security deposit of at least 200,000 CAD (the amount will be returned to the applicant once the business plan has succeeded and the company operates). A startup deposit of 300,000 CAD is also required, however, this amount must be injected directly into the business.

The net worth of the applicant, in this case, is set at 900,000 CAD. Also, the visa applicant is allowed to have a partner in the Canadian business as long as he/she owns at least 25% of the capital in a new venture or 51% in an existing one.

The Quebec Self-Employed Program allows professionals from different sectors of activity to immigrate to Canada and provide their services as self-employed persons. In this case, the applicant’s net worth is set at 100,000 CAD. Also, a minimum experience of 2 years as a self-employed worker is required.

Moving to Quebec

Persons who have applied for Quebec immigration through the QSWP will be contacted by the authorities if they have been selected for the next phase of the relocation procedure. This can imply an interview, a medical examination, or additional information, as well as biometric information. Once all the formalities are completed, the government will send a Confirmation of Permanent Residence and the permanent residence visa.

It should be noted that the Quebec immigration procedure can take more than one year to complete. If you need assistance, you can rely on our immigration lawyer in Canada for assistance during the process.

The Quebec immigration process explained by our lawyers in Canada

There are two-phased of the Quebec immigration procedure:

  • the first one implies the selection of candidates based on their application files,
  • the second one is the admission of selected candidates.

After passing the selection, successful applicants will receive Quebec Selection Certificates (CSQ).

The selection phase is made at the provincial level, followed by admission at the federal level, as these programs are usually correlated with the immigration quota imposed by the Canadian government.

Approval procedures for Quebec immigration programs

Those who want to immigrate to Canada and decide for Quebec must know that the approval procedures for each type are different. These are completed in two stages:

  • the first one is the selection approval;
  • the second one is an admission which also guarantees the applicant can move to Quebec.

The selection stage implies a thorough verification of the candidate and is completed at the provincial level. Admission is then completed by the federal authorities. In order to be a successful applicant, a foreign citizen must pass both stages of the approval procedures.

During the selection process, the foreign citizen will obtain approval from the Quebec provincial authorities that will release a Selection Certificate (CSQ) which will be filed with the federal authorities alongside other papers in order to pass the final stage of the immigration procedure.

Our immigration lawyer in Canada can guide foreign citizens who are first-time applicants for one of the Quebec relocation programs.

The Acceptance Certificate in Quebec

Another document required for certain immigrant categories is the Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) which is issued to those who want to live here on a temporary basis. This type of certificate is usually required for international students who are enrolled in local universities to complete their studies. However, this is not the same as the CSQ which is granted to permanent residents only.

Quebec offers plenty of opportunities to all categories of applicants who can be qualified or unqualified, included to students who can complete their university or post-graduate degrees here and then apply for permanent residency.

Our Canada immigration law firm is at the service of those who want to relocate here for employment or study purposes.

Aspects to consider on Quebec immigration programs

Foreign citizens who want to apply for immigration to Quebec under one of the programs presented earlier must know that some of them can be temporarily suspended or ended upon reaching the immigration quota. Some of them can be replaced by other schemes.

This is why before starting the application process we invite you to ask for updated information with our immigration lawyer in Quebec. You can also watch a video on this subject below:

The point-based score system for Quebec immigration

Many foreign citizens who choose to relocate to Canada know about the scoring system which relies on a specific number of points that need to be obtained. This is also the case of all Quebec immigration programs, however, the advantage of this province’s schemes is that they can contribute to the chances of obtaining a higher score under which immigration becomes a tangible dream.

The system implies offering fair and equal chances to all those who want to move to Canada, and it requires a candidate to obtain a minimum of 67 points of the total of 100.

Here are the main ways of scoring the minimum number of points which can qualify an applicant for immigration to Canada (not only for Quebec but for other provinces as well):

  • the knowledge of French and English that can bring a maximum of 28 points from the beginning;
  • education is next on the list with a maximum number of 25 points;
  • a relevant work experience can also be rewarded with a maximum of 15 points;
  • age is also an important criterion that can offer 12 points to the candidate;
  • relocation with a family member can also add to the count another 10 points.

For those who only speak one of the two languages, any of the criteria mentioned below it can increase the score. Specifically, for Quebec immigration is that 8 or 10 points can be awarded if the candidate already has a job offer at the time of the application. The 8 points are available for those who have obtained a job in Montreal, while the 10 points are for those who have been offered positions in companies located outside Montreal.

When it comes to family members who can help applicants obtain a higher score are the spouse, one or more children, the parents, siblings, grandparents, but also relatives who are permanent residents of Quebec.

If you have any questions about the point score system, our immigration lawyers in Canada can provide all the details. We can also assist in citizenship matters. A special condition to be eligible for Canadian citizenship is to have spent a minimum of 1095 days (3 years) in Canada in the five years prior to your application. Minors who are applying with a parent or who have a Canadian parent are exempt from this requirement. It does apply to minors who are neither applying with a parent nor have a Canadian parent.

Why immigrate to Quebec?

Quebec is one of the most important provinces in Canada from an economic point of view. Quebec is the 11th largest city and the 7th largest metropolitan area in the country which is why it attracts a great number of migrants every year.

Those interested in Quebec immigration should also know that:

  • the largest number of immigrants came to Quebec between 2012 and 2013 (around 56,000 foreign citizens);
  • immigration number spiked again between 2015 and 2016 when 55,000 foreigners moved here;
  • in 2019, more than 44,000 foreign citizens migrated to Quebec;
  • in the first quarter of 2019, Quebec had more than 8,4 million inhabitants.