Move to Canada from Europe


Canada is for many people in the world a dream destination to relocate to. This is also the case of those citizens who have become more and more interested in moving to Canada from Europe in the past few years.

Luckily, those who want to move to Canada from Europe have numerous options at their disposal and they can benefit from the many opportunities this country offers both in terms of employment and business.

If you are interested in relocating to Canada from Europe and need assistance, our immigration law firm is at your service with dedicated services.

Visas available for people who want to move to Canada from Europe

People who want to immigrate to Canada from European countries have several pathways they can employ, or better said, more types of visas they can apply for compared to other countries. This is possible because Canada has federal and regional programs through which citizens of all over the world can enter and obtain a residence permit.

A particularity of those interested in moving to Canada from Europe that they usually seek permanent residence here, and these are the main options they have in this sense:

  1. the employment visa which can be obtained rather easy as the government actively seeks skilled people to fill in the gaps in the national workforce;
  2. the business immigrant visa which is a great option for investors who want to run their own business in one of the world’s largest economies;
  3. the express entry visa which is issued under a special program with the same name and imposes specific conditions;
  4. the permanent residence permit which is available after living in Canada for a determined period of time which depends on the country of origin of the applicant.

People interested in relocating to Canada from Europe should also note that no matter the type of residence permit they apply for, whether temporary or permanent, must obtain a minimum score based on a special assessment they need to complete prior to applying for a visa.

It is also useful to know that with some European countries Canada has special treaties in place which enable the citizens of the respective states to move to Canada from Europe under special programs.

If you want to move here from Europe, our immigration lawyer in Canada is at your service with detailed information based on your country of origin in order to find the most suitable solution for you, including solutions for investors who are interested in obtaining the Canada investment visa.

We can help you select the most suitable type of visa for moving to Canada from Europe.

Moving to Canada from Europe based on employment

The government has enabled several programs through which persons can move to Canada from Europe. However, the most popular ones are :

  • the Federal Skilled Worker Scheme;
  • the Provincial Express Entry Categories Scheme;
  • the Canada Experience Class Scheme.

Each program has its own requirements, however, when it comes to citizens from European states immigrating to Canada, these are quite uniform and straightforward, so if you are planning to apply for one, our immigration lawyer can guide you.

Considering that all programs rely on the score-point system, most of the points can be obtained based on qualifications and experience. However, Canada is also keen on attracting families, therefore additional points can be obtained when a person decides to move to Canada from Europe with his/her family. English and/or French knowledge is a mandatory condition, no matter the type of visa solicited.

Do not hesitate to inquire with our immigration lawyers in Canada about the conditions of moving here based on a work visa.

You can rely on us if you want to relocate to Canada from Europe no matter where from.

Moving to Canada from Europe and the permanent resident status

Generally speaking, a person who wants to move to Canada from Europe can obtain permanent residency after 5 years of living here. However, one should know that an assessment is made every 2 years within a longer timespan during which the candidate can enter and leave the country. The main requirement is for the applicant to prove he or she is a Canadian taxpayer.

Moving to Canada from Europe is simpler compared to relocating to other countries, as the Canadian government is attracted by the numerous skilled migrants and professionals from all European countries. We also invite you to watch our video below:

How easy is it to immigrate to Canada from Europe?

Foreign citizens who want to relocate to Canada from any country of the world can apply for one of the many residence permits issued by the immigration authorities, which is why it is fair to say that moving here from Europe is not complicated. Moreover, particularly addressing to immigrants from the Old Continent, it should be noticed that Canada makes little to no difference when it comes to the immigration requirements applied to all nationalities.

If you want to move to Canada from Europe, all you need to do is get in touch with our immigration specialists who can provide tailored assistance based on your country of origin.  We would also like to point out that if you are currently resident of another European country, the rules of your country of birth will be considered upon immigrating here.

Canada is keen on attracting European citizens

Recent data indicates that the number of foreign citizens from European countries moving to Canada has registered constant increases, as Canadian companies are trying to attract specialized workforce from these states. Considering that Canada has federal and provincial programs through which immigration is encouraged, it is expected for these numbers to surge in the following years.

In most cases, citizens of European Union countries are the ones that seek to move to Canada, as part of the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA).

CETA is a multilateral agreement between Canada and the EU and was signed in 2017. Based on it, EU citizens can work in Canada without having to go through the Labor Market Impact Assessment and, in some cases, without having to apply for work permits.

Under CETA, EU citizens can apply for one of the following types of visas:

  • business visitor visas;
  • intra-company transfer visas;
  • investor visas;
  • independent professional visas;
  • contractual service supplier visas.

Each comes with its conditions, however, work authorizations are easier to obtain through this agreement.

EU citizens can also travel and work in Canada through the International Experience Canada Program. This can prove extremely useful when seeking to apply for provincial schemes that require demonstrating previous work experience in Canada.

Our immigration lawyer in Canada can help you if you want to relocate here and apply for work authorization under the CETA agreement.

Steps to complete for relocating to Canada from non-EU countries

While Canada has its agreement with the European Union, there are also European states that are not members of the Union yet, which is why citizens of such states must complete additional steps if they want to live here.

Persons from non-EU countries who want to relocate to Canada must first check if they meet the eligibility criteria to apply for one of the residence permits available. These must verify the Canada Occupation List and the Immigration NOC Codes in order to see if there is demand on the local labor market for their occupation.

However, such immigrants can also resource to investor visas, if they have sufficient funds to qualify for such permits that enable them to immigrate to Canada.

If you want to move to Canada from Europe and need support, you can get in touch with our local advisors who can help you find the category under which you can consider applying for residency.

Moving to Canada from UK after Brexit

Brexit had a great impact on British citizens who want to move to EU countries, however, it does not affect those who want to leave Europe and immigrate to Canada or the United States, for example. However, in order to relocate to Canada, the best programs to choose in order to speed up the immigration procedure are the International Experience Canada and the Start-Up Visa schemes.

At the level of 2021, out of 65,000 applicants for the International Experience Canada program, 5,000 were UK citizens, which proves the success of this scheme.

Support in immigrating to Canada from Europe

Even if Canada has plenty of programs that enable European citizens to move here, there are various things to consider when enrolling in one. Among these, the fact that some schemes are open for limited periods of time or provide for specific quotas of immigrants. This is why, if you want to ensure a successful relocation, you can rely on our immigration law firm in Canada who is always up to date with the latest developments in this domain and who can help you enter a program you qualify for.

We provide case-to-case assistance, so every client benefits from all our attention in order to successfully migrate to Canada.

How many Europeans live in Canada?

Those interested in moving to Canada from Europe should know that according to the latest data gathered at the census in 2017, the number of Canadians of European descent and immigrants from European countries is as follows:

  • at the level of 2016, around 20 million Canadians had European origins;
  • most of them came from France and the British Isles;
  • 60.5% of Canadians responded they have British Isles ancestors;
  • 31.1% of them said they had French origins.